Gathering of Drummers

Gathering of Drummers / Gathering Of Drummres G.O.D.

On stage each year recognizes up to two tons - drum kits, činelů, many ethnic drums and electronics, but also human voices, gongy, Percussion, barely. There is increasing melodic instruments (guitar, voice). This varied globally - music mix annually attracts the attention of professional and public education and concerts are unforgettable musical experience.


Gathering of Drummers 2014 (concert footage – Fléda, Brno)




Gathering of Drummers name is not random, because the musicians are really slétávají from different corners of the music world, of different styles from different groups domnovských. They are always ahead on many days closed to the world in a secluded spot in the Jizera Mountains, where together and call upon the search of musical inspiration.

Each musician brings to the joint workshop of their musical experience, own cultural tradition, music education - each to a common formation comes with their own ideas. The result of this global melting drummer boiler is always fascinating. There is a blending of all possible musical directions, ethnic influences and inspirations. Every year, creating new songs, which are then showcased in a live concert.


Gathering of Drummers is focused on meeting several musical areas. The base is as always the players on the classic western percussion instruments used in rock and ethno music (Koller, Fajt, Koudelka), the support of Latin-American rhythms Milos Vacík and African styles Ephraim Goldin. Arab drums and Indian musical instruments, especially tabla, will manage Tomáš Reindl. The atmosphere, as host, complete the well-known guitarist Zdeněk Bína, that after the disintegration of the group-performs solo 123 minutes. Another backup teamOndřej Anděra. No exaggeration to say, that at one stage they meet styles around the world. This year's Gathering of Drummers is like an orchestra of dreams, something like sport All Star art team. At one stage only one opportunity to meet the best Czech artists, who would otherwise hardly met.

In the history of Gathering of Drummers concept varies each year, and as we saw, for example, the Global Gathering (representation of all continents) Africa Gathering - even two years buzzed Japanese-Czech musical collaboration. Gathering hosted and Filipino artists.


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