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Migrating concert stage anywhere other place, which in itself creates a different perception of music. Churches, Synagogue, cave, factories, gallery, quarries, meadows, atd..

I own sound, Therefore, it should be just a good Czech electricity.


Souhvezdi santiniThis my artistic journey is the most extensively explored on CD Pavel Fajt / Václav Cílek - Constellation Santini (Respect 2009). This album is all recorded in churches and monasteries, which built, or reconstructed Jan Santini Aichel (1677-1723), Baroque architect working in Bohemia and Moravia.


The concert of this type is possible after agreement. I like to do these concerts, because they are also an opportunity for me, how to hold a concert in another way.

They give me liberty, which is on the classical stage is not easy.

CAVE BEAT * Pavel Fajt - Výpustek
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