Concert Tour 2014

new CD PAVOON – LEVANTIS (record label YanickSouth)

Oona Kastner ….Vocal, Keyboards, Plan
Pavel Fajt …Drums, Electronic

13.11. 2014 - Café U Inches, Tišnov (CZ)
14.11.2014 - Clubs Cabinet, Trutnov (CZ)
17.11.2014 - Jazzdock, Prague (CZ)
18.11.2014 - Alterna, Brno (CZ)

20.11.2014 - Beit Tikvah Synagogue, Bielefeldt (Germany)
21.11.2014 - Cuba / BlackBox, Munster (Germany)
23.11.2014 - Burger House Weserterassen, Bremen (Germany

PAVOON / Levantis - Oona Kastner & Pavel Fajt


Oona Kastner- you / piano
Pavel Fajt – dr/electronics

Music inspired from ethnic area called Levant – Eastern Mediterranean, geographic and cultural region consisting of the „eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt“.

We use original melodies and modified them accordingly to the poems by different poets, like (e.e.cummings, blake, person, …)

Recordings are based on acoustic sound of the piano and drums, but the most important informations are coming from the vocal parts.

We do also additional overdubs from home made electronic, synthesizers, field recordings and vocals, so the pure acoustic elements are sometimes supported with strong and rich music structures, that it is possible to find in electronic music

We can call or project also „ethno chanson“


than our contacts:

You: Oona Kastner +49 173 964 3175, email:

me: Pavel Fajt +420 608 030 168, email:

YannickSouth: January Bramburek +49 176 2902 3388, email:

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