Music for silent movies
..prepared accompaniment for movies Gustav Machatého.. Kreutzer Sonata and Erotikon. In addition to film Robert Wiene – Kabinet Doktora Caligariho

Gustav Machatý - The Kreutzer Sonata – Preznetace .. Londýn-Barbican 2010

21.6.2013 2013 Odessa Mute Nights film festival

2011 Festival Anasoft Bratislava

21:00/ 35 mm Film Club / film adaptation of a literary work
Kreutzer Sonata, G. Machatý, Czechoslovakia, 1927, 70 my
Concert to silent film: Pavel Fajt (CZ)

Tolstoy's novella was be released in Russia banned, the first Czech translation was confiscated, What immediately attracted only further increase in interest from readers, ale's filmárov. Gustav Machatý after reaching one of the first and not coincidentally - the taboos has always had close. Psychological dramas of the era do not live ozvučí drummer Pavel Fajt, which initiated the band Danube, apparently most pronounced Brno's alternative scene at the turn 80. a 90. years. He played with Iva Bittová and was also a music producer her solo album. He collaborated with the Brno theater Husa, created for the incidental music to several performances. Since 2001 performs solo with his own concert program DrumTrek.

The Kreutzer Sonata
Essentially But one might say, subject of my escort romantic scenes and
atmosphere, this film only partially, and that the emotional heat of the storyline I try to
develop autonomous musical story. Drum party supported sites
electronics are more inclined to industrial tone, from which only occasionally
departs fargmentovaná Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata. Jak film i tak
music have their tense moments, which also support the
common tone, but also go to the countermovement to let the resulting
space fantasy audience.

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