Music inspired by ancient musical cultures, where music was primarily trance, hypnotic character. Mantrodrom uses archetypal rhythm not only traditional, but also newly created text formulas, accompanied mainly drums and percussion instruments. Acoustic instruments, a drum kit, table, djemebe, didgeridoo, dhol are finely complemented by modern electronics and looping techniques in real-time.

Tomáš Reindl

on a multi-instrumentalist a skladatel. As one of the few percussionists in the Czech Republic in depth
Indian rhythms and solo and accompanying playing the Indian tabla. In addition to conventional percussion instruments
also plays the drums Arab (darbuka, riq), didgeridoo, medieval dulcimer, Valasská PRA-a clarinet
bluesovou harmoniku, technique of overtone singing. In his music often inspires
ancient musical traditions of East and West, At the same time, however, uses new music
Technology (realtime looping, atd.). He is a dedicated music composition (Study tracks on
Prague Academy of Music in doc.H.Bartoně), forms and incidental music (eg. feature multimedia ballet
Sculpture Garden at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet Ústí nL. and more).

Projects and cooperation: Concert solo-project Omnion, further example: Shahab Tolouie , What

Chatterjee (Indian musician, known mainly for his many years of collaboration with Joe Zawinul),
Pavel Fajt & Gathering of Drummers, Lenka Lichtenberg, Yair Dalal, Al-Yaman, Jana Koubková, Milan
Freedom, orchestr BERG, workshopy a semináře.



Pavel Fajt

musician, percussionist, composer, educator, music producer and music therapist.
At the scene said the collaboration with Iva Bittová, is created in 1984 duo, which we addressed
audiences and critics alike as in the former Czechoslovakia, as well as throughout Europe and overseas (dozens of concerts
In Europe, i USA). The highlight of the plate Bittová & Fajt, in a poll of the magazine Rock&Pop evaluated
readers and journalists as one of the best LP decade. Other recordings Ivy Bittová Fajt music
founded Danube and Pluto (Price Yellow Submarine Czech critics as the best album of the year), Ladakh. Drum duo Fajt & Meneses (USA), Yakutsk duo with singer Stepanida Borisova & Pavel
Fajt. Since 2001 leader Sletu Bubeníků (international project), Group Autopilote (Smeykal,
Yumiko (GIVE), Bare, Armillaria). Currently percussionist international jazz formation
Mia Zabelka Trio and Oona Kastner (D) & Pavel Fajt. Solo project "DrumTrek III" a MantroDrom s
Tomem Reindlem

Cooperation with Vaclav CILKA on CD .. Constellation Santini (Respect 2009), a knize Archeus (CD
Anarcheus 2010) Publishing Dokořán.
Author of music for performances of Macbeth (Wilma Theater Philadelphie 2010, USA),
NOD Quijote (production Damúza and NOD-Roxy) ..nominated for the Alfred Radok 2010 for
The music for the show and incomplete sen.

He was guest at prestigious international festivals and scenes in Europe and overseas, eg. Victoriaville Canada,
Mimi Marseille (F), Alternative Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory New York (USA), Music Unlimited Wels
(A), Ring Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F), performed together with the world's best
hudeníky, eg. s Fredem Frithem (GB) při premiéře filmu Step Across the Border, s Tomem
Corou (USA), Josef Boys, s Markusem Therofalem (D) and Václavek), Fogel Europas
(CZ / A), Geertem Waegemanem (B), Annou Homler (USA), David Prachař in music
theater adaptation of Hamlet, Incomplete Sen and the last in 2010 Nod Quijote).
Author of music for feature films and jingles (Dušan Tránčik-Mikola a Mikolko, Dusan Hanák-
Paper Heads, United Islands Praha, MOFFOM, atd.),

Current CD

Pavel Fajt - Drum Trek, Indies,
Autopilote ­ IDO (EMI 2008)
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2008 (Indies/FAJT/AMP 2009)
Pavel Fajt & Václav Cílek - Constellation Santini (Respect 2009)
Václav Cílek - ARCHEUS + CD Anarcheus ­ Pavel Fajt (Wide open 2010)
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2010 (FAJT/AMP 2011)
Mia Zabelka Trio CD (Extraplate 2012)
CD Oona Kastner & Pavel Fajt (2012)

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