Lubomir Holzer & Pavel Fajt

Moravian ballads with shamanic songs

Pavel Fajt & Lubomir Holzer

The common musical project of Moravian musicians. Original raw and lyrickomystická atmosphere of old stories and myths alive raw interpretation of both protagonists. Instrumental and vocal musicians equipment is complementary. This creates a robust ,dunivá the radostná interpretace.
Pavel Fajt - Percussive, audio frame, electronics, djembe, cajon,
percusse, šamanský buben, singing

Lubomir Holzer - Vocals, cistra, mountain fujarka, šamanský buben,
djembe, Percussion

Personal experience live music - concert, for man is irreplaceable.
Musical landscape, which thus opens before us, Which brings us back
together, belonging to our člověčenstvím, with nature, Earth and
Univerzem. The common experience of live musicians, playing acoustic
instruments and listeners, creates a unique whole, unique atmosphere
common being, experience and knowledge.


Moravian ballads and shamanic songs

The joint project of Moravian music and musicians Paul Fajta and Lubomir
Is taken as a basis the collection of songs and tunes Francis Sušila "Moravian national songs with
tunes, "first published in 1835 and later widely used as one of the few
comprehensive bank Moravian folk culture.
Přes to, that its musical material is widely used not only to study, but also as a basis for
different concert use, is still much room for finding and other views on
these songs. Their textual depth and mystic words extends into the distant past, kde archetypy
keyphrases give us a glimpse into the former Slavic settlement on
Moravian territory and perhaps even tap into the minds of people of this time.

Based on this perspective, then makes possible comparison with the original ethnic music

in other parts of the world, where in addition to African music is rather linked to the original
Eastern music, but most with its original ethnic group living in central Siberia.
The project "Moravian ballads and songs shaman" is just cover this ritualism
Moravian ballads, when the classical instrumental cast as the cimbalom, violin,
klarinet a pod., offers other instrumentation, probably more appropriate time in
that these songs were born. The origin of all ethnic music is because singing
ink, as a supporting component of the text and rhythm, Nespis formed on a simple percussion instrument.
Thus it is anywhere on the planet, This is the archetype of creativity and a common musical foundation
The "Moravian ballads and Shamanic songs" aims to highlight the sense of belonging to this
ethnic music of other continents, carefully selected musical material Moravian songs from
Susil collections, and then add this to the original ethnic music, especially the eastern
culture, rights with respect to the common connectivity and regardless of the current disparity
state system and music trends in the current state formation.

Lubomir Holzer

In addition to playing the wind instruments, cistru, percussion, Tibetan singing bowls and deals
Holistic music therapy, founded and his lectures are taken as the basis
modern approach to music therapy, the use of those primordial ethnic schemes
form the backbone of the music used for music therapy effects. He has
professional music career vv jazz ensembles around Milan Svoboda Big Band
a Shamanic orchestra – etno a world music, Fifths - hudba gotiky a renesance,
Sign breath – intuitive jazz, Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra, Hott and sweet
orchestra, Jagabab, Holzerband, Trough, NSVI – independent association of free improvisation.
The rich concert activity across Europe, regular work in recording, television and
radio studios. Extensive discography of various genres – jazz, popular music, old
Music, incidental music. Experimental projects, worldmusic, šamanská a
music therapy music, atd. Music and song lyrics for that band and Leon
Machálková. Executive producer boards L. Machálková – Leona (Forte, 1996). Longtime
managerial and artistic collaboration with Leona Machálková.
Jakou člen Shamanic Band, Contraband and the Original Prague Syncopated
Orchestra - OPSO stepped several times at the festival Prague jaro.Jako member Kvinterna spoke at the Smetana.


Pavel Fajt

Musician, composer, Music Producer, muzikoterapeut, educator.
It mainly deals with rhythm as the archetype of musical expression. Just as speech
information carrier, and rhythm of speech reflects on aspects of its formation and rhythm is therefore
just paraphrased speech. Although devoid of verbal information, but all the richer for abstraction and

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