bandzoneDrumming Alley & Harmony Sky

f a j t a f a j t

Antonín Fajt & Pavel Fajt

Šamanskas rhythms – playful images – electro groovy – soundscapes – visual patterns
Counterpoint and harmony

Antonín Fajt …keyboard, plan
Pavel Fajt …percussion, electronics, loopy


f a j t a f a j t

“Drumming Alley & Harmony Sky”

New Project – CONCERTS

Antonin fajt ….klavesove escalation of the situ, plan, kompozice harmony

pavel fajt …..whips escalation of the situ, electronics, loopy, composition rhythm

Concert tour 10.1. – 26.1. 2013

12.1…..Brod / Club Eye + (VJ Vit Kraus)

16.1…..Milevsko / Gallery

17.1…..Hustopeče (DrumTrek solo)

18.1….Litomyšl / Folk House

19.1…..Jihlava / Drink + (VJ Vit Kraus)

22.1…..Prague / JazzDock + (VJ Vit Kraus)

23.1….Brno / Mersey + (VJ Vit Kraus)

24.1….Treatment / Escape + (VJ Vit Kraus)

25.1….Ostrava / Parnik + (VJ Jan Friedrich / Livelab)

26.1….Novy Jicin / Galerka + (VJ Jan Friedrich / Livelab)


Concert program DrumTrek is a long-term project bubenickým Paul Fajta. It connects seemingly disparate genres and sounds, lets get carried away on a wave of rhythm and energy. Concerts draw inspiration from the venue, work with the acoustics of a genius loci. Interlinking the archetypal rhythms, electronic grooves and music therapy leads the audience along the way to the roots music.

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f a j t a f a j t a joint concert program Fajta Paul and Anthony Fajta. Drum, electronic soundscapes and forms the basis for harmonic and melodic superstructure keyboard instruments, bass grooves and a grand piano.

Antonín Fajt…keyboard, plan

Musician, percusista and pianist known for his work with Iva Bittová. Student composition and piano at Bard College in the USA. Drums Paul Fajta adds key sounds and acoustic piano. Original harmonies, solo play and innermost feelings jazz drumming composition shifts to the level kapelového sound with an emphasis on detail.

Pavel Fajt…percussion, electronics, loopy.

Musician. Drummer. Composer. Educator. Music producer. A permanent guest at prestigious international festivals and scenes in Europe and overseas / Victoriaville Canada, Mimi Marseille (F), Alternative Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory New York (USA), Music Unlimited Wels (A), Ring Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F)/ Teammate world renowned musicians. / Fred Frith (GB) at the premiere of Step, Across the Border, Tom Cora (USA), Josef Boys, Markus Therofal (D), Jim Meneses (USA), Fogel Europas (CZ / A), Geert Waegeman(B), Anna Homler (USA), Stepanida Borisova (Yakutsk)/ In theater music. / Musical theater adaptation of Hamlet Incomplete Sen and Nod Quijote starring David Prachař. Nominations for the Alfred Radok 2010 of the DBU. Macbeth – Wilma Theater Philadelphie 2010, USA / Co-founder of the legendary groups of the Danube and Pluto. Project Leader International Gathering of Drummers. Member of Autopilote / Vladimir Smeykal, Yumiko, Roman Holý, Vladimír Václavek / creator of film music / Dušan Tránčik-Mikola a Mikolko, Dusan Hanak-Paper Heads, znělky festivalu United Islands Praha, MOFFOM, etc. / Head of Cabinet audio on University-Faculty of Fine Arts, Contributor writer Vaclav Cílka / CD Respect …Souhvězdí Santini (2009), CD Anarcheus the book ARCHEUS / active player on international jazz percussion band Mia Zabelka Trio drum and other projects.

A member of the duo Bittová / Fajt

/Dozens of concerts in Czechoslovakia, Europe and overseas. Ultimate board Bittová & Fajt poll in the magazine Rock&Pop evaluated by readers and journalists as one of the best LP decade. Other recordings Ivy Bittová Fajt musically produced

Current CD

CD Autopilot – IDO (EMI 2008)
Pavel Fajt CD - DrumTrek, Indies,
CD Pavel fajt & Václav Cílek – Souhvězdí Santini (Respect 2009)
CD Pavel Fajt – Anarcheus in the book Vaclav Cílka - ARCHEUS (Wide open 2010)
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2008
DVD Gathering of Drummers 2010CD Mia Zabelka Trio – Wired tales & Elegant motions (Monotype records 2012 – Zabelka /
Fajt / Fresh)


Jazzdock photo 2012


fajtafajt Ostrava 2013


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