Workshops on drum kit

Length of workshop: 2-5 days



  • ▪ in the summer out of town, in a comfortable and beautiful environment (2-5 days)
  • ▪ during the winter months in. (Brno around a), over the weekend (2-3 days), Ideally School



  • ▪ The number of registered participants and their level is split pairs
  • ▪ Each pair has a separate room
  • ▪ Exercise carried out individually at first and later together.
  • ▪ Part of the course is a common game with a partner and mutual support
  • ▪ The result of this cooperation is to rehearse their own songs


Additional program:

  • ▪ Video demonstrations with concerts and innovative approaches to playing the drum kit
  • ▪ intoning support


The aim is:

  • ▪ Overall, develop playing skills,improvisation and breathing exercises
  • ▪ Eliminate inappropriate habits
  • ▪ booted comprehensive gaming skill and musical imagination.
  • ▪ Workshop is focused on the technology to drill a superluminal speed shots, but the complexity of the game on a drum kit, total release, Breathing Exercises, inspiration and joy of the game


Conditions will always be specified, will vary of accommodation, diet, etc.. Inlastní drum kit and percussion under the carpet will always be a constant condition


Dinner: according to the number of days, venue and type of accommodation. Order 2-5 CZK thousand


  • ▪ Register, if you have a common interest and tune dates and location according to the number of candidates.
  • ▪ The nearest term under consideration Membership 2014


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