Drum School

Learning to play a drum kit

Learning to play the djembe

Individual and group lessons



  • Focused on rhythm, percussion, Working with the right and left hemisphere, and breathing exercises.
  • Its purpose is to master the technique of playing the drum kit, but overall, using percussion instruments harmonize body and soul.
  • The school is open only for advanced, but also for beginners, for individuals and groups.
  • Its essence consists of school for a drum set, but I can offer you the basics of the game on djembe both separate clock, and group lessons, which for this type of communication suitable tumble.
  • I teach in the city center, on the street Kounicova.
  • Atelier is great and with good acoustics.
  • Price ranges from 200 Kč for lesson (30 minutes) depending on the specific situation and type of education.



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PAVEL FAJT opens music school for percussion for beginners and advanced

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Tel: Pavel Fajt – +420 608 030 168

Email: fajt@centrum.cz

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