Pavel Fajt * Biography

Pavel Fajt (* 26. December 1957 Brno) the Moravian avant-garde musician, unorthodox drummer, musical arranger and producer of European importance.

Plakat DrumTrek III 800 Kb (Mobile)Brno musician Pavel Fajt belongs to a group of alternative music genres, His music is almost always moving somewhere between world music, art-rocku, folk-rock and experimental music amplified. Has been performing from the time of his studies at the Technical University in Brno, where he worked briefly in the music groups Nucleus, then also in the student group, yet we agreed. This was followed by the occasional appearance with folk musicians, The most famous is singer-songwriter Václav Koubek and non-conformist folk music and word musician Iva Bittová, with which first featured in the duo, then in a trio called Team. The trio then gave rise to significant musical formation Danube, which belonged to the most significant reveals Brno alternative scene at the end 80. let 20. century to the early years 90. Iva Bittová performed at many concerts throughout Europe and overseas, was also a music producer of several of her solo albums. Since 1980 is also dated his cooperation with the Brno Theatre Goose on a String, for which created incidental music for several performances. He is also the author of music for several theater performances in Prague.

In 1990 together with Iva Bittová and others participated in the creation of a documentary film of guitarist Fred Frith Step Across the Border, that same year, Felix won the award for best documentary film. In 1992 recorded with Jim Meneses remarkable avant-garde conceived musical improvisation on drums, which appeared on the album Songs for the drums for two drum sets and two voices. The album is notable that, the voices of the two drummers were recorded using a microphone on the neck and the sound muffled and then technically adjusted, that the expression equivalent to the drum.


Since 1992 also dates his solo appearance, except when extended drum kit uses one or two acoustic circles, a metal tool electrophonic circular shape with a few strings connected to a special sound system is distorting sound effects. In 1994 together with the singer Anna homier a Belgian musician Geert Waegemanem made a remarkable CD titled Mcaronic sines and Corne de Vache. Since 1994 is also dated his occasional collaboration with guitarist Mikolas Chadima, which was implemented through the transparent band people, which was released on the same CD of the year 1998. In 1995 returns to the melodic art-rock formation Pluto, which followed the previous successful touring group of former Danube. Formation Pluto ceased to exist in 2000, During its existence has released two notable albums, the first of which was awarded independent critics called Yellow Submarine. In 1998 has started its cooperation with other international Stepanida Boris, Yakutského a member of the National Theatre, which is known for its efforts to revive the so-called. "Siberian shamanic music". The singer Vaclav Kořínek (Wendy alias Zulu) Zuluville group carried out a project Ladakh, which is a combination of percussion instruments along with shamanic singing, Another trip to preserve world music. At the initiative of Paul Fajta also created a distinctive musical festival called the Gathering of Drummers, which is a regular annual tour of various percussionists. In 2000 until 2001 was a member of the music group The Danubians, which was an international music group combining elements of Eastern European and Central European folklore and art-rock (therefore a form of avant-garde folk-rock). Since 2001 so far she has performed as a soloist continue with their own concert program called Drumtrek.

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Pavel Fajt * Biography
Current CD

CD Autopilot – IDO (EMI 2008)

Pavel Fajt CD - DrumTrek, Indies, FAJT Production

CD Pavel Fajt & Václav Cílek – Souhvězdí Santini (Respect 2009)

CD Pavel Fajt – Anarcheus in the book Vaclav Cílka - ARCHEUS (Wide open 2010)

DVD Gathering of Drummers 2008

DVD Gathering of Drummers 2010

Mia Zabelka Trio CD – Wired tales & Elegant motions (Monotype records 2012 –

Zabelka / Fajt / Fresh)

CD Oona Kastner & Pavel Fajt – Gurdjieff project (in preparation) 2013

Pavel Fajt…percussion, percussion, electronics, loopy.

Musician, drummer, composer, Music Producer, educator. Concerts at prestigious

international festivals and venues in Europe and overseas / Victoriaville Canada, Mimi Marseille

(F), Alternative Praha (CZ), Knitting Factory New York (USA), Music Unlimited Wels (A),

Ring Ring Belgrade (YU), Blue suburb (F) and other.


Current Projects


DrumTrek III - solo project, Drums, electronics, loopy, projections, voice

Drumming Alley - Design and preparation of a new CD / LP

WWW – FAJT Neurobeat (Ondřej Anděra, Miles Zrnić Anděra, Fajt) ..electro / hip-hop /


Gathering of Drummers – International project leader drummer

Inside Drum Communication – drum duo (Fajt, Neuwerth)

Václav Koubek - Ave (Koubek, Ponocný, Hazel, Fajt)


Oona Kastner & Pavel Fajt – Gurdjieff Project (DE / CZ) musical composition on

skladeb G.I.Gurdjieff

Mia Zabelka Trio - Zabelka, Fajt, Frish (A / CZ / D)

Fred Frith, Beth Custer, Pavel Fajt (trio IN / USA / CZ) and other international projects.


Founder of the group

Bittová & Fajt, Danube, Pluto, Josef Boys (D), Fajt & Meneses, Stepanida Borisov

(Yakutsk), Autopilots, Ladakh, Fajt & Meneses (CZ / USA), Fogel Europas (CZ / A), Geert

Waegeman(B), Anna Homler (USA), Václav Koubek,

Teammate world renowned musicians. / Fred Frith (GB) at the premiere of Step

Across the Border, Tom Cora (USA),


In theater music

Hamlet – part II (Fireman, Fajt, Heavenly)

Incomplete Sen and Nod Quixote, starring David Prachař. Nominace in cenu Alfred

Radok 2010 of the DBU.

Macbeth – Wilma Theater Philadelphie 2010, /USA/

MÁJ – 420People, David Prachar, Ondřej Anděra, As Kaèer. Dance performances for NS

Nat. Theatres, 2012


Creator of film music

Dušan Tránčik-Mikola a Mikolko,

Dusan Hanak-Paper Heads,

znělky festivalu United Islands Praha, MOFFOM, atd.


Accompaniments to silent films

Gustav Machatý - Eroticon 1929, Kreutzerova Sonata 1926

Gustav Vienna – Kabinet doktora Caligariho (Das Cabinet des Dr.. Caligari)

Contributor writer Vaclav Cílka

CD Respekt …Souhvězdí Santini (2009),

CD Anarcheus ke knize archeus (2010)

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